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Inuyasha's Profile by OhgunAwakenedProdigy Inuyasha's Profile by OhgunAwakenedProdigy
Lotus: This is Inuyasha. The survivalist of an age of Demons.
Abandoned since birth, Inuyasha has taught himself how to survive even the most dangerous situations. But as he was about to settle down with his wife and child, a demon that is rumored have roamed the Earth since the birth of Adam and Eve murdered them in cold blood, leaving him alone in the world once more. He once considered committing seppuku as penance for failing to protect his family, but I intervened and granted him, his half-brother, and his supposedly deceased father the abilities of the lost Warframe Cerberus Inugami. With their new abilities, and developing technology, Inuyasha has fought side by side with his family as a counter terrorist mercenary force. However, he did not want to be simply a weapon for-hire and has been instructing students of the Corinth Academy vital survival and self-defense techniques. Yet, he has also been personally tutoring Kevin on focusing his lust for vengeance in secret. Now he has chosen to join our ranks to ensure that no one else suffers the same fate as his wife and child. Inuyasha's fighting spirit and survival instincts are valuable assets to the clan. Make good use out of them, Tenno.

Me: Now on a serious note, Inuyasha was married to Kagome and had a son with her at the time they were viciously murdered. Because of this traumatic event, I wanted him his relationship with his older brother significantly improve overtime while building a relationship with his father. Thus they were able to command three different variants of a Warframe that currently doesn't exist in the original universe of Digital Extreme's game. The Warframe in question Cerberus shares similar characteristics with Chroma, Saryn, Ember and Valkyr based on the powers of the legendary three headed guard dog of the same name. Along with these abilities, Inuyasha, Sesshoumaru and Touga (Inu no Taisho)'s variants also wields Exalted versions of Tessaiga (Cerberus Inugami and Dai-Inugami) and Bakusaiga and Tokijin (Cerberus Okuri), like Excalibur. Cerberus and all of its variants would also improve the morale of any allied Kubrow within a 10 kilometer radius. Anyway, that's basically my idea for Cerberus's abilities. But, Visions of an Ancestry will focus more on the Operators and the world around them than the Warframes themselves. Only two more main characters to go before I start on the profile of an optional character that Ryora is well acquainted with. (Oh, Inuyasha is NOT one of the original three members of the clan.)
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